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AluConsult is an engineering consultancy company that was set up by Anne Deacon Juhl, on 1st March 1999.

During her first assignment, she joined one of the leading Danish companies specializing in anodizing, where she was employed for three years, as a Quality Assurance & Development and Research Manager.

In order to accomplish AluConsult’s vision, i.e. to become a competent, professional sparring partner assisting the aluminum industry, Anne Deacon Juhl decided to devote all her time to AluConsult as from Summer 2002.

Since then, she has been involved in highly stimulating aluminum projects, international networking and a wide array of activities which have familiarized her with the companies operating in the aluminum industry.

Continental Aluminum

Continental Aluminum

​Continental Aluminum operates one of the most advanced secondary smelters in the United States. State-of-the-art equipment, ISO 9001 certification of our processes, and strict quality and environmental controls allow us to be a cost-effective resource for our customers, a valuable partner for our suppliers, and a responsible corporate citizen for our neighbors.​

Custom Alloy Light Metals

CompanyCustom Alloy Light Metals

Custom Alloy Light Metals, Inc. manufactures and distributes aluminum and zinc casting alloys. It offers custom ingot for die castings, permanent mold, sand castings, investment castings, low pressure die castings, and slush castings; and recycled aluminum alloy ingots, specialty primary aluminum alloys, and zinc alloy ingots. The company also distributes primary aluminum casting alloys of other manufacturers. It serves foundry and die casting industries worldwide. Custom Alloy Light Metals, Inc. was incorporated in 1969 and is based in City of Industry, California.

Global Commercial Credit

Global Commercial Credit LLC

Global Commercial Credit (GCC), is a premier specialty broker of domestic and export credit insurance. GCC was founded in 1995 with the sole focus of helping its clients find and manage custom tailored credit insurance solutions. We’ve built strong relationships with our clients and carriers and developed the proprietary systems and procedures that have proven over
time to exceed our client’s expectations. As a leading credit insurance broker, we represent all of the carriers who specialize in this unique coverage.

phone: 248.646.9400

Imperial Aluminum

Imperial Aluminum

Imperial Aluminum produces secondary aluminum alloys with production locations to service the Southeast and Midwest. We recycle all types of aluminum scrap into the die cast and foundry alloys specified by our customers. We offer multiple shapes and sizes of aluminum ingot, sow, and deox cone for just-in-time delivery. We not only buy and sell metal, but we offer full service scrap handling, processing, tolling services and transportation as well. Give us a call.

Metal Exchange

Metal Exchange

Metal Exchange Corporation is the flagship of a growing, global family of companies focused in aluminum and other nonferrous materials. Founded in 1974, we are privately held, headquartered in St. Louis, MO, and have six US manufacturing facilities, as well as sales offices throughout the US and international sales offices in both Shanghai and Zurich. Our business includes marketing, trading, manufacturing, processing, distribution and transportation services.


Phinix LLC

“Global Aluminum Expert/Thought Leader – Analysis/Strategy for Technology/Marketing in Primary & Scrap Based Secondary Markets, Products and Processes.”

Phinix, LLC provides technical & marketing consulting and research & development services for the primary and scrap based secondary aluminium (and other light metals and its alloys – magnesium, titanium and lithium) products and processes, recycling and sustainability.

Phinix, LLC was founded by Dr. Subodh Das in 2008 after concluding his diverse and successful academic and industrial careers spanning over 45 years at the University of Kentucky, ARCO / Anaconda Aluminum Inc. – now Tri-Arrows, Alcoa. Phinix, LLC is an active member of the Aluminum Association (AA), Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Inc. (ISRI), Registered Specialist for Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI), American Foundry Society (AFS) , The Mining, Metals and Mineral Society (TMS), American Society of Metals (ASM) and North American Die Casing Association (NADCA).

Dr. Subodh Das
cell: 859.619.8386
7730 Carondelet Ave., Suite 110
Clayton, MO 63105



ProfitGuard is the leading provider of business credit information to the metals industry in North America. PG assists its clients with managing trade credit risk with valuable credit analysis provided by seasoned analysts, credit risk ratings, recommended credit limits, and risk monitoring of their customer portfolios. With PG’s information services, companies are able to make more informed credit decisions, minimize bad debt losses, and more effectively manage credit risk to remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

Maria Elder
ph: 248.633.1114
fx: 248.633.1123
30200 Telegraph Road, Suite 450
Bingham Farms, MI 48025


Superior Aluminum Alloys

Superior Aluminum Alloys is a leading secondary aluminum smelter located in New Haven, IN. Founded in 1997 by OmniSource as an outlet for scrap aluminum collected through its operations, Superior Aluminum Alloys was included as part of the 2007 acquisition of OmniSource by Steel Dynamics, Inc. Today Superior Aluminum Alloys operates as an independent subsidiary with the full support and backing of both OmniSource and Steel Dynamics.


State Metal Industries, Inc.

State Metal Industries manufactures high-quality specification secondary aluminum ingot. We have been providing superior customer service since 1948. For more than a half century State Metal Industries has been an industry recognized supplier of standard and specification aluminum. A busy secondary aluminum source melting millions of pounds of scrap per month, State Metal Industries has an unwavering commitment to meet individual customer’s unique needs. State Metal Industries processing, metallurgical and manufacturing expertise, and state-of-the-art technology have allowed us to develop long-term, successful business relationships with some of the best manufacturers in the U.S. and overseas.


Spectro Alloys Corp.

At Spectro Alloys, we don’t just sell aluminum – we provide solid sourcing solutions. Our market knowledge can help you save money and gain an edge over your competition. We offer a full range of AA specification die cast and foundry alloys, as well as lower cost alternatives like NASAAC and RSI. We service customers regionally and internationally, from one stack at a time to dozens of loads per week.



Since its beginning in 1946, TST has evolved into a vertically integrated producer, buyer, trader and processor of aluminum scrap and dross. Today, TST is one of the major American producers of secondary aluminum ingot, billet and cast plate. TST is also a major distributor of primary aluminum foundry ingot, grain refiners and hardeners. Other services include worldwide trading of nonferrous scrap and other aluminum commodities.


SGM Magnetics

SGM Magnetics, a world leader in magnetic and sensor technology specializing in ferrous and non-ferrous metal separation, offers turnkey solutions within the recycling industry for automotive shredders as well as glass, wood, municipal waste recycling, incinerators and iron ore recovery facilities. SGM Magnetics manufactures eddy current separators, drum magnets, magnetic pulleys, overbelt magnets, sandjets, sensor sorter separators including color and x-ray sorters.