Our Mission is Simple

Protect & Promote the Aluminum Recycling Industry

- Promote sustainable aluminum alloy products
- Advance and grow the North American aluminum recycling industry

The Aluminum Recyclers Council (ARC) is dedicated to promoting the use of recycled aluminum alloys. To this end, the Council will promote and defend the domestic aluminum recycling industry and establish a business excellence program focused in the areas of operational efficiency, environmental leadership and worker safety. ARC is a nonprofit trade association. 
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Our Objectives
Short Term (by January 1, 2019)
  • Develop a communications platform to educate internal and external audiences about the benefits of recycled aluminum.
  • Create a government advocacy agenda and a list of objectives. Within one year to have taken our case(s) to Washington DC.
  • Identify the best new applications for recycled aluminum castings.
  • Initiate and institute a robust statistical program. Establish the first offering for a comprehensive operational and EHS excellence program.
  • Ensure that information which influences the determination of our products' value is timely, relevant and accurate.
Long Term (by 2023)
  • Develop new applications for recycled aluminum castings that grow our industry by 10% in 5 years, and by 50% in 10 years.
  • Have a strong government advocacy voice on issues such as trade, energy, environment, and worker safety.
  • Establish a program to aggregate and report industry statistics.
  • Establish an Operational Excellence program focused on EHS issues.
  • Redefine our industry image as a key contributor to global sustainability efforts.
Aluminum recyclers face a myriad of threats from unnecessary regulations to foreign trade.  At a time when the United States government is developing policy to lift the industry, the usage of domestic scrap has been ignored. The United States must create programs to increase the domestic consumption of domestic aluminum scrap. Exporting this commodity leads to higher U.S. prices and costs our country billions of dollars in energy waste.

Secondary aluminum, often used and re-fabricated by die casters and foundries, has a proven track record in many applications.  The opportunities for new applications are abundant across the manufacturing community. Educating designers and engineers about the opportunities involving the usage of these alloys is a high priority for ARC.

Like all industries, the aluminum recycling industry has undergone dramatic changes in the manufacturing process in recent decades.  All members of the ARC agree that there is a real opportunity to share best practices in order to find the best way to reduce operating costs and increase worker safety.  This is so important to the Council that it included business excellence as one of its core strategies.

New Voice for a Unified Aluminum Recycling Industry — Interview with Luke Palen, ARC Chairman

ARC Chairman Luke Palen

Aluminum Recyclers Council featured in Light Metal Age magazine. Read the interview with ARC Chairman Luke Palen of Spectro Alloys Corp. to learn more about ARC (Download PDF)

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Our Board of Directors & Staff
Our leadership consists of a diverse strong team who share one mission: to advance and grow the North American aluminum recycling industry and promote sustainable aluminum alloy products.
Spectro Alloys Corp logo
Luke Palen
Spectro Alloys Corp.
Continental Aluminum
Mark Buchner
Continental Aluminum
Custom Alloy Sales Inc
Brandon Cox
Custom Alloy Sales Inc.
Imperial Aluminum, Imperial Zinc
Aaron Stankewicz
Imperial Aluminum
Imperial Zinc 
Metal Exchange Corporation
Rick Merluzzi
President & COO
Metal Exchange Corp.
Superior Aluminum Alloys
Pat Carlin
Sales Manager
Superior Aluminum Alloys
Spectro Alloys Corp logo
Greg Palen
Spectro Alloys, Corp.
The Sanford Organization
Jeff Henderson
The Sanford Organization


The Aluminum Recyclers Council (ARC) is a newly formed nonprofit trade association. ARC's mission is to advance and grow the North American aluminum recycling industry and promote sustainable aluminum alloy products.